Hot As Hell And In Like Sin.

Right, so I grew up skinny and have remained that way most of my life. But this past year things got rough and I fell into the habit of comfort eating, so subsequently, I’ve gained weight. I don’t think that’s a problem, but oh dear god do other people. I have an hourglass figure, so I carry weight on my hips and belly, and as you can see, I do have weight around this hips that noticeably curves outwards. That’s normal, I’m a size 8. Now even without having my belly out, I have been told things like “God you used to be thinner”, “Must suck to have lost your old figure”, “Shame you’re not as skinny anymore” and “Oooh that shows off you have fat on your hips and belly”. None of these things have been said in a nasty way, but I do think they’re stupid - if I’m a healthy size 8, who is of perfect BMI (given I always used to come up as underweight being so skinny and six foot tall), I don’t see why people think they have a right to tell me it’s a ‘shame’ or it ‘sucks’ that I’m a little meatier. I still think my figure’s kick ass and fucking hell is my tattoo rad, so I’ma wear belly tops and show this bitch off, fuck your beauty standards that teach me that I’m ‘fatter’ or ‘not as attractive’ now I’m curvier. And that this kinda outfit isn’t for people with my kinda figure, if ‘thin’ isn’t enough, no wonder there’s so many eating disorders about with girls feeling the pressure to be skeletal as oppose to healthy.

Tattooist was Josh Fisher by the way ;) Got another session to go to finish the wings and heart, still a bit swollen and sore having been done yesterday.

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    Idk who the fuck would ever say this figure was anything less than gorgeous. i’d kill for this body.
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    you are gorgeous! and i love your tattoo